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Sideshow Banner Painter Doc Rivera

Sideshow Banners Are Just One Of The Many Pieces of Show Art Doc Rivera Has Painted Over The Years

Doc Rivera is well known for painting:

show fronts, signs, sideshow banners, rides, scenery –

you name it and he has painted it if it has to do with the carnival  . . .

Sideshow banner painter Doc Rivera is well known in the carnival business for all types of show painting. He and his family settled in Gibsonton Florida where he operated a sign and art paint shop that focused primarily on circus and carnival artistry. He was a well known show painter and scenic artist there for more than twenty years during the winter months. Like Bobby Wicks who painted canvas oils, Doc Rivera also painted a series of oil paintings of the bygone era of the traveling shows of the past and they are on display here at the International Independent Showmen’s Museum.

Doc Rivera is considered by many to be a knowledgeable carnival and circus historian and was showcased in the acclaimed documentary ‘Gibtown”.

You will find Rivera at the International Independent Showmen’s Museum now as the Executive Director sill adding his personal touch to various exhibits that include his show art painting talents. He also writes carnival and circus history articles on the International Independent Showmen’s museum Facebook page, and has his own site called Doc’s Midway Cookhouse where he has over 2000 photos of the bygone era.

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The sideshow banner Doc painted for Harmur Productions is of Little Richard.

After Harmur Productions Presents – Little Richard Freeman went out on the road with the banner, they changed the title to” Ventriloquism” because unfortunately Little Richard had passed away during the winter the banner was being painted. They bought a black dummy from SEARS so Curley Frisbee could put a ventriloquist act in the show to cover the banner.