West Coast Shows In The 1960’s

America’s Biggest Truck Show A California Carnival This is actually an International CO but it looks a lot like the White 3000. It’s under a generator and I was head electrician on this unit that year so I probably drove it at least once. In fact, it may be the very same truck that I […]

Carnival Trucks of Yesteryear

Old Show Trucks Moved The Big Shows  Before Automatic Transmissions and Air Conditioners The difference between west coast trucks and eastern or midwestern show trucks is that many west coast rigs may be outfitted with several more important gauges that inform the driver of what his truck is doing. Remember that the western states have enormous […]

Best Hamburger Ever

Grab A Burger At The Sit Down Grab Joint Long before McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s dotted the American landscape, the county fair was the “go to” place to get a nice, big,juicy hamburger. Unlike the big Indiana style Cookhouses that offered a wider menu of full course meals, these little ‘Sit Down Grab Joints’ […]