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Original Fiddle Sticks Ice Cream

alt="Fiddle - Sticks Ice Cream An Original Carnival Food Concession"

Fiddle – Sticks Ice Cream An Original Carnival Food Concession

Popular Carnival Midway Treat – Yummy Fiddle – Sticks

Since the 1930’s the Pope family has been offering up these delicious, gooey, frozen treats on midways across America.

Fiddle Sticks, also called Fiddlestix  are made of Premium vanilla ice cream that is hand sliced into a square.

A stick is inserted at one end and the ice cream is dipped warm chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts. Yum!

The great thing about this particular Fiddle – Sticks Stand is that it is an original carnival food concession just the way you would see it out on the midway in the 1930’s. The Fiddle Sticks were made right on the spot and with that personal touch for the customer.

Come see the Fiddle – Sticks Ice Cream Concession at the museum. It will transport you back in time.