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Museum Interior Panorama

The International Independent Showmen’s Museum Is 52,000 Square Feet Packed With Amazing Exhibits

alt="The International Independent Showmen's Museum Is 52,000 Square Feet Packed With Amazing Exhibits"


Inside the International Independent Showmen’s Museum you will find carnival and circus history. You will see the Wood Carvers that made the Merry Go Rounds come to life. The beautiful girls that wore those amazing decorative costumes and headpieces that glittered as they moved across the stage of the girl show.

Going back in time, you can experience an exhibit that depicts The Wild West Shows of Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill, and Miller’s 101 Ranch. Don’t forget about the auto thrill shows and the motordrome/Wall Of Death showcasing the beautiful Lillian LaFrance. You can go back in time and check out the spectacular midway section with old carnival games of chance and skill.

There is an actual 50 ft high Conderman Ferris Wheel on display. Sideshows, giants, midgets and amazing circus models. Featuring a wondrous model carnival that took over 26 years to build with over 150,00 hand painted people.

Step right up and enjoy the show…the way it used to be! See antique costumes, rare photographs, old rides and more- it’s all displayed in the 52,000 square foot – two story high showrooms that is the International Independent Showmen’s Museum. The museum, located right in Riverview, captures the essence of a day when carnivals, circuses, traveling shows and other attractions were the main source of entertainment as they traveled across the country on mile long railroad trains. We are waiting for you at the Big Show that continues to keep the history of traveling shows alive in America.