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Royal American Shows Carnival Merry Go Round Wagon

alt="Royal American Shows Carnival Merry Go Round Wagon"

Our beautifully restored Royal American Shows Merry Go Round wagon

Rides Were Hauled In Wagons On The Royal American Shows

Every ride had at least one wagon that contained all the pieces necessary to setup the ride. Some rides needed three or four wagons to hold all the pieces of that particular ride.

The Merry Go Round needed three or four separate wagons to carry the parts for the ride. The Center Wagon could be a Gun Mount” which would be the heart of the Merry Go Round – the mechanical part that operated the movement of the Merry Go Round. One wagon would just carry horses that stood five feet or more from top of the head to the base. One wagon would have the platform, top, fence, ticket box, and other hardware inside.

The wagons were each put on the trains and transported to the next  spot. There is a number on the front and on the back of the wagon that was the actual length of that wagon so you would know for sure what wagons could fit on the flat car they were hauled on.

The Royal American Merry Go Round Wagon was used up until 1985 and has the famous Royal American Shows Lion on it. Most of the wagons that carried rides were utility type wagons that were designed to transport the same piece every week and once unloaded were parked in the back of the midway for the rest of the fair.

The difference between an American Merry Go Round is that it turns counter clock wise and a European Carousel turns clockwise.